Materials and Options

Fursuit Materials:
Our custom costumes and fursuits can be made from a very wide range of material. From fur to leather, from scales to horns, the combinations are nearly limitless. Since we do not work with any one supplier, we are able search for and find you the best material at the best price for your project. While we are willing and able to work with almost any medium, our most common material bases for costumes and fursuit finishes include:

  • Fur (short pile / long pile)
  • Leather (faux or genuine)
  • Fabric, Felt and Fleece
  • Scalework

Modern furs and materials are available in a wide variety of colors and consistencies. Be sure to provide us a detailed description of the look and feel you are looking for and we will gladly search for alternatives that meet your needs and your budget. Alternatively, feel free to direct us to the exact material you wish to use, or send us a supply of your own stock.

We do from time to time outsource to one of our partner groups and other vendors, In that we would like to offer a special thank you to DreamVisionCreations, and their crew talented team, for some excellent Fursuit supplies!

Body Materials:
Fursuit bodies are constructed from a variety of materials, but can also be customized to the exact needs of your creation. Unless otherwise specified, we will use the following materials to construct the body of your suit; please let us know if you would like to make any substitutions, or if you have any material sensitivities or allergies.

  • Head Structure: Open Cell Foam or Cast Resin
  • Inner Bodysuit: Spandex
  • Body Structure (muscles, limbs, tail, etc) : Open Cell Foam
  • Rigid Details (horns, claws, etc): Plastic, Molded Epoxy or Real Horn
  • Wings: PVC Structure and Fitted Harness

Styles, Options and Extras:
In addition to materials, there are many, many different styles, options and extras available. Sometimes all it takes is just the right details that makes your suit positively come alive. Below is a list of standard options to consider; however, always remember that every suit we make is a custom creation. Do not hesitate to ask about an idea you might have or an effect you are trying to achieve: we will do everything we can to bring it to life!

  • One-Piece Body or Convertible
  • Digidigrade / Plantigrade Legs
  • Printed and Acrylic Eyes
  • Light-up Eyes and Details
  • Ventilation Fans (Optional)
  • Posable Wings
  • Resin Heads and Jaw-Sets
  • Jewelry, Armor and Accessories

Digital Eyes:
Looking for something with a bit of added realism? Consider adding Digital Eyes to your creation! These eyes are a pair of LCD or OLED screens cast behind solid acrylic 3D eyes. The eyes can take on any shape or color you can imagine, and can animate in hundreds of different ways! From a curious, roving gaze to an alighted glare, anything is possible! We can also equip your suit with controls inside the hand paws, allowing you to change how the eyes behave at the push of a button!

Note that Digital Eyes come with some additional care and maintenance requirements. Digital Eyes run from a battery pack inside your suit, which must be charged prior to use. When new, Digital Eyes will run for approximately two full 8-hour suiting days between charges.

Demonstration of optional “Digital Eyes”