Reference Art

One of the most important inputs for any costume – be it a partial or a full fursuit – is a detailed reference picture. While a lot can be conveyed with a description, in order to truly understand the character you are trying to create, we require a character reference sheet.

If you already have an existing reference, feel free to send us a copy with your request. If you will be preparing your own reference or commissioning an artist to do so, please ensure your reference includes the following

  • 2-3 full body views (Front, Side and Back is preferred)
  • 2-3 head detail views (Front and Side at a minimum)
  • Renders of 3D models are also acceptable
  • All unique patterns, details and markings
  • All accessories such as jewelry, clothing, armor, etc.
  • Annotations of specific features and details
  • RGB / hex color codes are helpful

Remember, the more detailed and accurate the reference, the better the end result will be; please take care to ensure you are happy with your reference art before placing an order with us. Remember, it is much easier to make changes and alterations before materials are ordered.

If you do not have an existing character sheet, you may consider working directly with us to prepare the reference art you need. Our talented artistic partners¬†BlowUp n’ ShowUp¬†and That Pragmatic Lizard can produce a 3D model of your character, which can be used in lieu of a traditional static reference sheet.