Products Offered

Costume Accessories

One of the things that makes our boutique unique is our range of custom accessories and gear. Whether it is an integral part of your character’s appearance, or just a themed item for a convention, we know just how¬†important the smallest details are in recreating¬†your vision. With years of custom work under our wings, we can make almost anything to accent your new or existing costume. Some examples of our custom work include:

  • Weapons such as swords, axes, staves, etc.
  • Armor pieces such as helms, shoulder plates, gauntlets, etc.
  • Custom clothing such as robes, jewelry, belts, sashes, etc.

Just because you do not see a particular item in our gallery, doesn’t mean we can’t create it for you!

Bondage and Kink Items

The realm of custom accessories is not limited only to costume pieces. Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more kinky to spice up an evening of play. Whether it be a showpiece to set the mood, an add-on for an existing costume, or a piece of purpose-built play gear, we have you covered. Some of our kink-items include:

  • Suit accessories such as harnesses and muzzles
  • Bondage gear such as restraints and spreader bars
  • Custom play gear such as stockades

Please Note:
For all bondage and kink gear orders, we will require proof that you are at least 18 years of age or order. We will not provide quotes for adult items to anyone we suspect is underage.