About Us

A Builder With a Difference

Today there are a lot of choices in the world of custom costumes; that is why Scaleworx is a builder with a difference. Unlike other builders, we treat each and every project as a unique and deeply personal journey, a journey in which the client is an essential and integral part. Throughout every build, our clients enjoy:

  • Personal planning sessions to bring the concept to life
  • Live one-on-one video conferencing
  • Daily photos from every step of the build
  • “Tweak As You Go” – Making minor changes as we go at no extra cost.
  • Fast responses to any and all questions – never be left hanging

At Scaleworx, we believe that everyone has a right to live their inner scales. We’ve challenged the notion that realistic, eye-catching costumes must cost thousands and thousands of dollars and create years to create. Here at Scaleworx, our claws are driven by passion, not by profit, and we are happy to provide solutions that work within your budget.


Rubber, Gear and So Much More

Perhaps scales or fur are not quite to your taste. Perhaps, you are looking for something a bit…kinkier. In addition to fur, Scaleworx also offers a wide range of custom latex gear including clothing, partials, kink suits and full costumes! Working directly with our partner groups, we can provide you a custom piece to arouse your desire and ignite your senses, all at an affordable price.

In addition to rubber, we also offer a broad assortment of custom fursuit accessories and kink equipment. Bondage, toys, inflation, breath play, no matter your kink, we can build it. Let us bring your wildest fantasies to life!

Scaleworx Creations was brought together by a group of friends to share with others the creations that they brought to life: be it fur, or rubber, or other mediums. While the majority of our creations have been dragons, our experience is not limited to them – if you can think it, we can make it! The goal of Scaleworx Creations is bring your inner creature to life, be it a dragon, a gryphon, or anything else your dreams can create.


Our Story and Team

While Scaleworx is new to the world, our creator Takumori has been crafting suits for over 5 years. It all started with a dragon’s desire for a fursuit, a desire that sparked a personal journey of creation. Since then, we have shared our talents with dozens more, all over the world. Yet despite all that has happened, one thing has remained: our commitment has remained to our wonderful supporters, and our passion has remained to bring out the inner creature that lies in everyone.

takumoriTakumori Softwing
Founder, and head builder at Scaleworx Creation – this is the dragon with the dream and the vision of a world filled with dragons of every scale and stripe.