Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the common questions we’ve received over the years. If you have a specific question about an issue not listed here, be sure to send us an email.

Question: Can you make a fursuit of a movie character?
Answer: No! There are too many copyright laws out there, and besides, why not get something unique!

Question: Can you make a copy of another suit that I seen?
Answer: No! We cannot copy another persons creation, Not fair to them,

Question: Can you take payments on a suit creation?
Answer: Yes! we will gladly work with you on making payments on your creation, and once your creation is paid for, we will gladly ship it out,

Question: Why is there a 25% down fee on having something made?
Answer: The down payment is to cover the costs of materials of your suit, and to ensure your que in the building process,

Question: Why is the deposit non refundable?
Answer: We cannot refund your money on ordered materials, most are custom cut items that cannot be returned. The most that can be done is the purchased material can be shipped to you.

Question: If I’ve paid for half or more of my commission and I want a refund, can I get it?
Answer: All the funds you have paid, minus the deposit can be returned, until production has begun, then a refund is not possible.

NOTE: Latex must be paid in full before production can begin.

Question: If the suit needs to be sent back at any time for repairs, will there be charges?
Answer: If the damage is accidental or a building flaw, no. there will be no charge, If it has been deemed intentional damage, by horseplay or the like, yes, a small fee may be charged, and you must pay the shipping charges.