Terms of Service

All of our projects, including costumes, fursuits, rubber wear, accessories and kink gear, are subject to our Terms of Service. While we are here to work with you, the customer, on almost every aspect of your project, our Terms of Service is NON-NEGOTIABLE. This is for both yours and our protection. If you are interested in placing an order with Scaleworx, please first read through our Terms of Service below and be sure to ask if any part is unclear.  

Once you commission Scaleworx Creations it has been assumed that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service.

Payments and Refunds:

  • Quotes provide on all projects are valid for 30 days.The deposit payment must be made within the 30 day period to reserve your spot in que.  If you have not reserved your place in our production queue, we reserve the right to re-quote after 30 days has passed. Unless otherwise noted, all prices are in US Dollars.
  • Payments made on materials for any project at any stage of development are non-refundable after production has begun. This includes deposits on fursuits and the material components of any rubber order. 
  • In some cases, you will not be charged for alterations during the course of a project; however, we reserve the right to charge additional fees depending upon the request.  *example*  If all the chosen material has been ordered and different material is chosen at a later date, You will be responsible for purchasing new materials.
  • You may cancel your project before it has gone into production, You will be refunded the amount sent, minus the cost of materials. After production has begun, no refund is possible.
  • We accept PayPal for all project transactions; however, you are responsible to pay any and all fees associated with your purchase (and on any refunds).
  • Depending on circumstances we may also accept other payment methods (such as cheque or cash); however, such methods must be approved by us ahead of time.

Adjustments, Alterations and Repairs:

If at all possible , we encourage our customers to visit the Scaleworx shop during the building process for “on the spot” fitting and adjustments of their creation, we understand that this is not always possible and is these situations, despite our best efforts its very possible that your creation may not fit as intended. If this should happen, we would gladly have the creation shipped back and make any adjustments necessary without any charge to the customer.

If there is an alteration that is desired to your creation (from the original agreed design) after the suit has been completed and shipped to you the customer, You may be required to pay an additional fee for the alterations made to the creation(materials and labor fees)

Shipping and Tracking:

  • Our quotes typically do not include shipping fees. You will be responsible to cover any and all shipping costs including transport duties, import duties, taxes, brokerage, etc.
  • You will be responsible to cover any and all shipping fees on returned items – both for paid alterations and for warranty work.
  • All orders are shipped with tracking information unless otherwise requested. Packages will only be insured upon request; you will be responsible for the cost of any insurance requested.
  • We cannot be responsible for any items damaged, delayed, lost or seized during shipping. It is your responsibility to ensure your item is legal in your country, province/state and municipality.

Warranty and Guarantee:

  • All projects are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. We will repair any damage caused by normal wear and tear, free of charge, for a period of 30 days on costumes and fursuits, and 15 days on rubber and latex wear. All warranty periods begin on the day the item is shipped to you.
  • We reserve the right to charge for the repair of any item that we feel has been damaged due improper usage, care or storage, or by excessive force. Refer to our Cleaning and Care pages details on recommended practices.
  • Cleaning and care: Warranties on latex and fur can be voided without proper cleaning and care of your suit.  If your suit has been sent back for warranty work and has been found to be damaged by improper care — you may be charged for any damages to be repairs


Safety and Waiver of Liability:

  • Safety is paramount to the use of any items purchased from Scaleworx. Particularly in the case of rubber and fetish wear, it is important to always play in a safe and consensual manner, and to never play alone.
  • All products created by Scaleworx are sold “as is” and are not warranted to be safe for use. By ordering from Scaleworx, the purchaser accepts all risks inherent to the use of their item, and assumes full responsibility for ensuring their item is used and stored in a safe manner.
  • Scaleworx cannot be held responsible for any damage to or loss of property, injury or death caused by improper use of our products.
  • Scaleworx reserves the right to refuse any project we feel is inherently unsafe, or that may be potentially unsafe to use.
  • By ordering from Scaleworx Creations, you are agreeing that you are at or over the age of 18, If you are under the age of 18, You will be required to have an adult contact us and verify that you are allowed to commission us, This is especially so for rubber products.
  • Requirement of Mediation. If there is a dispute in this matter prior to the onset of any lidigation, mediation of this dispute is required by an agreed mediator.
  • Choice of law. If any litigation should arrise in this matter, all disputes will be settled under California law. and in California courts.

Completion of commission

We will always strive to make sure the creation you commissioned us to bring to life is exactly what you had imagined, be it a dragon or some other amazing mythical creature. When your commission has been completed and verified by you to make sure all the details are exactly how you imagined, then and only then will we ship it out to you. After all that has happened and your creation is now in your paws we now consider your  commission is complete.