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Pricing Information:

Here at Scaleworx we try to keep the costs low and the quality high. We are constantly working with our suppliers to get you the best scales at the best prices. Below is a list of basic pricing information; however, please note that prices are subject to change depending on the complexity / features of your particular order.

With any fursuit commission there is a required %35 deposit on your comission, this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE..

 Fursuit Parts:

Heads: $850 – Base price includes built-in ventilation fan, LED eyes and moving jaw.
Head with Digital Eyes: $1,200 – Includes OLED digital eyes with one animation mode. Additional animations and built-in controls are extra. (See video below for demonstration.)

Digital eyes (uninstalled) LCD $215, OLED $350. That comes with standard animated moving eyes and light sensor (for pupil dialation)
Hands: $125 (no claws or pads) $145 with claws. $175 with claws and pads. Handpaw extensions add $50 (all handpaws are made to forearm length, but extensions can be made for wearing as a partial)
Feet: $185 – Base price does not include claws but does include outdoor pads. Footpaw paws extensions add $50
Tails: $200- Price depends on complexity and features such as scale plates and spines.

Body Suit (plantigrade): $1050 – All bodies can include attached tail or tail sleeve.
Bodysuit (digitigrade): $1,500 – This style comes with integral padding or a separate undersuit.
Wings: (Ask For Quote) – Wings are custom-made for each suit; ask us for a price.



Full Suits / Partials:

Partials: Starting at $1,380 – Includes head, hands feet and a tail
Full Fursuit *plantigrade* Starting at $2,430 – Includes head, hands, body, feet and tail.
Full fursuit *digitigrade* Starting at $2,880, includes head, hands, body, feet and tail.
Note: Wings are not included in a full suit; they are extra.

Please realize the above prices are for “BASE” items with limited design detail and complexity. We will always provide you with a custom quote based on your design and features. We realize not everyone’s budget may be the same, so we are happy to work with you on a design that fits your scales and your budget.


Please contact us for a quotation on any latex gear you are interested in. Each item is custom crafted so pricing will be different based on your design and features.

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