Order Status

Current Status: Contact for Info

Full Fursuits:  The General queue information is updated weekly.

  1. Alexej: patterning materials, head base carved
  2. Talnova: , awaiting supplies for digital eyes.
  3. Rahaeli: In progress (remaking body), head in progress.
  4. Rukario: Head being carved.
  5. Vox: head in progress, Body next
  6. Argent: awaiting more sample materials. creating mold for silicone crest.
  7. Dofain: foaming & furring head
  8. Seamus: Corgi full suit
  9. Fuyf: DTD arrived, awaiting headcast, allocating skin material.
  10. Kiantis, Head cast complete. gathering supplies
  11. Wulflock: material arrived, suit in queue
  12. Ikani: hummingbird

Partials and Pieces:

  1. Deacon:Making prototype items.
  2. Arkon: body- in queue
  3. Erebus: head= head is cast, designing horns.

 Rubber and Inflatables

  1. Chal: double skin orca wearable
  2. Rufus: double skin orca wearable
  3. Kiantis: double skin orca wearable
  4. Cameron: latex kitty suit
  5. Kameron: Latex Fennec
  6. Blue fire: Inflatable dragon
  7. Leo: husky suit
  8. Will: inflatable catsuit

Last Updated: July 24, 2016