Repair and Services

Warranty and Repair:
Here at Scaleworx Creations, we stand by the work that we do. Rest easy, knowing that we fully guarantee your creation for 15 days and it shall be free from any defects in materials or workmanship. If your costume sustains any damage from normal wear and tear, or even if you should damage your piece accidentally, send it back to us with the first 15 days  and we will repair the damage completely free of charge, after the 15 day limit a small fee may apply (you will be responsible for any shipping charges, however).

If your piece has been damaged by excessive force, horseplay, chemicals, or other damaging forces, we will still repair the item; however, a small fee may apply. Feel free to contact us to request a repair quote for your exact situation – be sure to include any photos of the damage to be repaired.

Changes and Alterations:
Have an existing suit, but want to make some changes or alterations? From fit adjustments to added features to complete overhauls, entrust your latex with our delicate scales. To request quote, send us a picture of your item and a complete description of what you want altered. Of course, please understand that unlike fur, latex has some limitations, particularly in terms of adjustments; however, we will do our best to bring your dreams to life.