Takumori Kigu

Name: Takumori Softwing
Species: Western Dragon
Type of Suit: Kigurumi

Scaleworx is proud to introduce a brand new product available for commission – latex kigurumi! For the uninitiated, kigurumi are large, one-piece, pyjama-like suits with with integrated hood – perfect for relaxing around the house or unwinding at a convention. These latex specimens feature the same comforts as their fuzzy counterparts, but with a more seductive, inviting look. They can be customized for any species, and include inflatable appendages such as tails and wings for the perfect look. 

All our rubber kigus are made in-house by our own paws. Show off your rubber affiliation with a custom-made rubber kigu today! (Note the gas mask and hand/feet paws shown in this picture are not part of the kigu.)