Vac Beds

A kink-lovers classic! The vac bed consists of a PVC frame with a flexible rubber envelope. The user lays inside of the rubber envelope and a vacuum pump (which can be a typical household vacuum cleaner) is connected, drawing air out of the envelope. This causes the rubber to seal very tightly around the user, conforming to every contour of their body. While inside the bed, the user is totally immobilized and experiences an extremely strong squeezing sensation – much stronger than is possible with an inflatable suit.

All our vac beds are home-made and can be completely customized. Beds can be made in any size, and from any color latex. Beds can be provided with any arrangement of openings or access zippers – simply contact us for a price on a custom unit. We can also manufacture a custom envelope only if you wish to construct your own frame.

NOTE: Vac beds completely immobilize their user and MUST NOT be used in solo play. Care and common sense must be used when using a vac bed due to the powerful pressures they create, which can restrict breathing. Always play within your’s and your partner’s limits, and never play alone! 

Also Note: Our vac beds do not come with a vacuum pump. Operating a vac bed puts a tremendous load on your vacuum source – whether it be a household vacuum cleaner or dedicated pump. Over time, repeated use WILL destroy your vacuum, so please use a cheap unit you don’t mind replacing. Scaleworx CANNOT be held responsible for vacuums damaged by operating a vac bed.