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Welcome to Scaleworx Creations

Takumori - Rubber and Fur
Forge - Hang Ten! Forge Hanging Ten!
Kiteless and Char - FC 2015 Kiteless and Char
Further Confusion 2015 - Group Photo FC 2015 Group Photo
Tristan - Body Pose 2
Char - Suit Pieces (side)
Saigon - Komodo in the Wild
Darastrix - Preflight Stretch
Forge - Framed in Sunset
Scaleworx Group Picture
Kiteless the Dragon
Rubber Taku - On the Prowl

Welcome to Scaleworx Creations

Bringing your Scales to Life

Greetings to you wary traveler and welcome to Scaleworx Creations; creators of custom animal mascots and costumes for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a professional character fit for performance, a stunning fursuit in which to frolic, or just a fresh set of scales to enjoy, Scaleworx has you covered.

  • Costume Pieces / Partials
  • Full Mascots and Fursuits
  • Add-ons and Accessories
  • Repairs, Adjustments and Alterations

While our boutique is relatively new, our experience is extensive, spanning a vast array of projects and a broad range of species of every scale and stripe. While our specialty is scales in all their many forms, we welcome any project: from mundane to mythical, from mammal to marine, from simple to elaborate – we will bring your imagination to life.

  • NEWS


Current Status: Contact for Info

Full Fursuits:  The General queue information is updated weekly.

  1. Alexej:  head is complete, body assembly has begun
  2. Talnova: , recast head
  3. Rahaeli: In progress (remaking body), head in progress.
  4. Righin:  head is 90% complete. reworking handpaws.
  5. Rukario: patterning and comppleting head
  6. Argent: awaiting more sample materials. creating mold for silicone crest.
  7. Dofain: patterned and assembling
  8. Kiantis, Head cast complete. gathering supplies
  9. Wulflock: material arrived, suit in queue

Partials and Pieces:

  1. Deacon:Making prototype items. leather is cut and soaking
  2. Arkon:, head is cast, awating cleanup.  body- in queue
  3. Erebus: head= assembly

 Rubber and Inflatables

  1. Chal: double skin orca wearable
  2. Rufus: double skin orca wearable
  3. Kiantis: double skin orca wearable
  4. ?        : double skin orca wearable
  5. Toy Sergal:  Sergal gasmask
  6. Thorphax: Sergal gasmask
Last Updated: July 24, 2016


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Further Confusion 2015

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